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African Traditional Tribal Maasai Handi-crafted Hardwood Rungu

Dimensions: 21 1/2x 4x 2 1/2"

Color: Blackish-brownish

The Masai rungu is crafted from ebony wood, which is normally blackish-brownish in color with a few creamish spottings.

To enhance uniformity, a little dye is used on the creamish spots and then polished to give them a more uniform black look.

The Masai rungu is a unisex collectible piece for both men and women.

Ebony rungu makes a great conversational piece and other than that, this African rungu is great for defense.

Male or female, owning a Maasai rungu will give extra confidence especially when walking at night, going for a run, and can further be used to ward off wild dogs.

Most people though love to have this beautifully crafted Masai Rungu in their car for extra protection when driving.

Thus, a Masai ebony rungu is a must have for not just yourself but also friends, spouse or people you care about.

African Traditional Tribal Maasai Handi-crafted Hardwood Rungu / Club Weapon

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