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TWO (2) Traditional African Masai Bedspread, Masai Blankets
Original used by Masai as a cloth,made out of 100% Acrylic, 
The Shuka comes in a variety of colours. This is a multi purpose item and can be used as a 
Blankets, Throw over,Wall hanging, drapes, scarf, table spread or in various creative activities, like craft making, 
making dresses,shorts, skirts, etc.
This a wonderful cultural item.
The shuka is 200cm long and 150cm wide.
Made of 100% pure Acrylic.
It is worn by Masai Morans as an important attire that distinguishes them from the rest of the communities.
This is an attractive garment you can use to identify with the Masai warrior Morans.
You can also use it as a beautiful bedspread,table-spread during outdoor camping or safaris as well as cultural dressing during special occasions.

TWO (2) Traditional African Masai Bedspreads, Masai Blankets

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$60.00Sale Price
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