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The Gambia flag bracelet is built to last and incorporates the 4 theme Gambian colors; Blue, Red, White & Green.


The colours of the flag carry cultural, political, and regional meanings.

The BLUE alludes to the Gambia River, which is the nation's key feature and is where the country derives its name from.

RED evokes the sun – given the Gambia's close proximity to the Equator as well as the savanna.

The thin WHITE stripes represent "unity and peace".

GREEN epitomizes the forest and the agricultural goods that the Gambian people are heavily dependent on, both for exports and their personal use.


The bracelet is approximately 1 inches wide.


Show how patriotic you are by flaunting this Gambian flag bracelet!!!

Gambia Bracelet/Wrist Band/Gambia Flag Bracelet


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